Based on budget planning discussions, we can guess a little about how local taxes might change this year. This is not an official City of Asheville estimate, just a way of putting numbers behind the negotiations, which are ongoing. For more resources, visit the Buncombe County tax site at

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Your 2016 tax bill was
2017 estimate
$2928.30 (+$470.30)

* = This is for extra spending, like an extra $1 million for police or transit over what the city currently spends. Bond interest is already factored into the 2017 numbers you see.

Assumptions: The 2016 current city property tax rate is .475%. To be revenue-neutral in the face of rising property values, the city could lower the rate to .395% and bring in the same revenue. The city would then add back .035% to pay for the bonds, bringing the city to a .43% tax rate.

The county's tax rate is .604%. To be revenue-neutral, the county could lower its tax rate to .51% and bring in the same revenue. The county has proposed adjusting the rate to just over .559% instead.

The City School District's current rate is .15%. Lowering to .11% would keep it revenue neutral, but schools have proposed a .13% rate instead.

The adjustment for extra spending by the city or county is based on the city's ($55.5 million) and county's ($180 million) current property tax revenues.

This possibly contains math errors. I'll fix them as I find them. Email or message on Facebook if you find them.

Created by Rich Lee based on news reports. Not an official City of Asheville estimate.