Over the course of the 2015 campaign, Rich talked to thousands of Asheville residents about their goals and values. The ideas below were developed through public input and innumerable discussions with local residents. Let's call them Rich's guiding principles for a host of city issues. There are a lot of specific, wonky details, but a few overarching themes:

  • Neighborhoods should be recognized as the basic unit of self-governance.
  • Small businesses and builders should be prioritized over big.
  • Infrastructure should keep pace with development, or development should be delayed.
  • Racial equity and economic diversity are in danger of being wiped out, something none of us want.
  • Government should be transparent, seeking input and sharing information even when it's messy.

There's a lot more, and more will be added over the campaign. Keep checking in and be sure to add your own thoughts and questions to the mix via the site or by Facebook. Your advice, your feedback, your input are so needed at this critical stage. Thank you.

What does Rich work for? Rich:

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