Can we talk about health care?

Can we talk about healthcare a moment? Can we? Last year around this time, as Lindsay and I were driving back to Asheville from the Midwest, she suddenly collapsed from a hemorrhaging abdominal cyst and nearly died. We were able to get to a hospital where emergency surgery and a week of intensive care saved her life. Because Lindsay is a public school teacher, we expected her state employee insurance plan to cover her care. But since (being unconscious) she didn't call the company to pre-approve it, they initially didn't.

This is actually the current, better-than-usual state of things for millions of Americans in the world's worst developed country for healthcare. Under Trumpcare, the AHCA, Lindsay's insurance could have been allowed to fight paying, to deny her coverage, even, for any number of cost-saving reasons. It could have applied her surgery and hospital stay, along with millions of other Americans' chronic treatments, to an annual or lifetime cap on insurance, with the hope of weeding the sick and unlucky (like Lindsay) out of the market forever. That's what we're fighting against, and why I'm so proud I'll be seeing Lindsay leading the charge as emcee at the Rally for 23 Million downtown on Monday. Come out and support her. Fight for people like her, like we all know, for ourselves. It was us last summer. It could be you and your loved ones next. This fight is for all of us, and it's dead serious.